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Leading psychologists have stated that the withholding of a get is a form of domestic abuse.

Jewish communities traditionally ban recalcitrant husbands who refuse to comply with a reputable Jewish court from entering the synagogue for public prayer and receiving Torah and other community honors. Members of the Jewish community are encouraged to forgo social and business contacts with such recalcitrant individuals in an effort to persuade them to comply with the Jewish courts. It is important toprovide support to agunot and persuade these men to appear and comply with a recognized Jewish court.

A seiruv is a document that indicates that a party has refused to comply with a Jewish court and is held in contempt of court. Below is a list of people who have a formal seiruv against them.

Yuval Bitton Los Angeles, CA
Kurt Shmuel Flascher Brooklyn, NY
Aharon Friedman Silver Spring, MD
Farhad Gholian Brooklyn, NY
Albert Katanov Pheonix, AZ
Moishe Kaweblum Lakewood, NJ
Jute David Kestler Fairlawn, NJ
Meir Kin Los Angeles, CA
David Nahmmany Brooklyn, NY
Steven Scher Roanoke, Virginia
Yehuda Sebbag Montreal, Canada
Avrohom Meir Weiss Staten Island, NY


For the following individuals, a formal psak (ruling) or public notice has been issued:

Yechiam Degani Tarzana, CA
Joseph Masri Brooklyn, NY
Efraim Ohana Baltimore, MD
David Porat (also known as Eli Shur) Dayton, OH
David Setareshenas Queens, NY
Moshe Stern Brooklyn, NY
Danny Zadok Tarzana, CA